A charity shop in Astley Bridge will be closing its doors for good next week after more than ten years in business.

The Blackburn Road shop is run solely by volunteers from animal rescue charity Pets in Need and will be trading for the last time on Wednesday, July 10.

They are inviting members of the community to come and say goodbye to the team while taking advantage of the bargains on offer.

Shop manager and trustee Marian Owen, 79, said: “Me and the other volunteers, Cheryll and Sandra, would like to thank all our customers for their past generosity, support and friendship.

“I’ve made so many friends since working at the shop. It’s difficult to put into words how much the community means to us and it’s going to be an emotional day.”

While the charity shop will be closing, the charity’s Tottington animal sanctuary will remain in operation.

It was first established on Taunton Road in 1990 and looks after a variety of animals from donkeys, rabbits and cats to dogs, goats and hens.

Trustee Gemma Lester, 40, said: “Sadly due to rising rents and utilities, a lack of footfall and other factors, the shop has become unprofitable. We’ll be sad to see it go but we must do all we can to future-proof the charity as a whole.”

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It costs approximately £65,000 per year to keep the sanctuary running and they are reliant on volunteers. They will continue to host fundraising events from the Tottington premises.

Marian, from Bromley Cross, has been working as a volunteer with Pets in Need for more than 20 years.

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She added: “I’ve supported many Pets in Need fundraising events for many years ago but working in the shop has been a big part of my life - I will miss it.”

The shop is located at 464 Blackburn Road, Bolton, Lancashire, BL1 8PE and will be open from 10am – 3pm on Monday 8 – Wednesday 10 July.

For those interested in supporting Pets at Need can contact the sanctuary on 01204 885836 or follow their Facebook page here.