Hilarity ensued after Amir Khan took his car for a valet but forgot one very important thing as he dropped it off - his daughter! 

The Bolton-born boxer had taken his his Range Rover to be cleaned. 

However, when he handed the car over, he left his six-year-old Alayna on the back seat! 

Khan posted a video on his public Snapchat story yesterday, June 3, in which he walks up to the vehicle, saying: "I sent the car for a valet and guess what? I left my daughter in the car boss!" 

Fortunately he remembers and picks up his daughter before his car undergoes a valet.

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Her dad was taking his Range Rover for a valetHer dad was taking his Range Rover for a valet (Image: Amir Khan)

The car pulls up and he opens the rear door, to reveal his offspring with a thunderous look on her face - it doesn't seem she was too impressed! 

But all's well that ends well, as she walked off holding hands with her dad and smiling. 

Twitter user @Rxsmxlxi said: "Amir Khan kills me man. How do you send your car off to get a valet done and leave your child inside the car", while @Amira_Valli said: "Amir Khan is one of one." 

Amir and his model wife Faryal have three children, two girls and boy.

They share their lives with legions of fans on social media.