Amir Khan has given his followers a first look in his luxury wedding venue.

Weddings, parties and corporate events are already being booked at the venue in Deane - with some marriage ceremonies already have taken place.

Amir's wedding hall has been years in the making, and in his latest Instagram post, the boxing legend has shared photographs in which the opulence of Dubai, where he often resides, has been created in Bolton.

The Balmayna features palm trees outside and cherry blossom trees inside.

The inside venueThe inside venue (Image: Amir Khan)

Marble floors in both the hallways and main wedding halls pair with the gigantic chandeliers in The Balmayna.

Flowers hang from every surface, an indoor river feature, and striking colours of blue and gold.

Amir captioned his post: "After blood sweat and tears we present to you @thebalmayna."

The Balmayna officially opened its doors on Saturday, May 18, but is now fully open for bookings.

(Image: Amir Khan)

Amir previously told The Bolton News of his relief following the opening.

He said: "I think there will be more interest and I truly believe it is one of the best wedding venues in the country and I believe it will do well.

"Maybe one day we'll do a boxing event there as well, that would be amazing.

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"It's all about giving back to the community too and doing something for them.

(Image: The Balmayna)

"And having around 500 people working there at some point at the wedding hall, which will be amazing and I am happy to be able to do this for Bolton."

The wedding venue will be run by the Excellency Plaza, and is situated on Washington Street in Deane, and offers luxury dining, chauffeur service, musicians, a shisha bar rooftop and more.

Amir has spent £12.5million on The Balmayna over the years.