A semi-detached family house could be set to be transformed into a new children’s home.

If approved this will see the house on Tulip Avenue, Farnworth transformed into a home for up to two children with two members of staff.

They will aim to provide care to children living at the home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cllr Sue Haworth, of Farnworth North, said: "There are local residents who check the weekly planning applications for our area who get in touch if matters are not explicit.

“It's not clear yet on this application, what pre-planning dialogue the applicant may have with local children's services."   

The proposal has been put before Bolton Council (Image: Valour Healthcare Services)

Several other plans have recently been lodged across the borough in recent months and years to transform what have previously been family houses into small scale children’s homes.

In April this year, similar plans were put forward by Serenity Springs Residential Car to convert a house on Pansy Road, Farnworth into a home for up to two children and three carers.

This came not long after MB&S Care Ltd lodged a scheme to transform a house on Slack Fold Lane, also in Farnworth, into a home for up to three children between the ages of eight and 18.

The application for Tulip Avenue, put before Bolton Council by Valour Healthcare Services on Friday June 28, say children will be cared for in a “communal environment.”

A statement said: “The children being provided with care will be carefully selected in conjunction with the local authority’s relevant specialists.

“The staffing will be made up of two members of staff regularly working and or sleeping at the property.

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“Up to three staff could be present however during the day, with only up to two remaining present overnight.

It added: “The carers for the children would not be permanent residents but would work on a regular shift pattern in order to provide continuity with the children and create a family environment and bond with the child.”

For members of staff, the day shift will be from 8.30am to 8.30pm, with the night shift starting from 8.30pm to 8.30am.

Bolton Council will aim to decide whether to approve the application for a certificate of lawful development by Friday August 23.