Travellers in Bolton will be relocating away from the spot they moved to in Breightmet following their eviction from Moses Gate.

The local authority has closed Bolton Gypsy and Traveller Site.

And following a court hearing, those living at the site were removed from the area where many of them had lived for a number of years this week.

A number of caravans from the site moved to Dome Park, Breightmet.

They were soon given an order to leave and today the Travellers have confirmed they will be leaving.

Margaret Dorran, who moved from Moses Gate to Breightmet, said: “We got the order to leave yesterday so we have to go to.

“We are going to be staying in Bolton with the kids being at school.

“We don’t know where we are going but it won’t be far."

She said there would be more families, including long term resident Thomas Ward, joining her, as they look for somewhere else to live.

Margaret said: “We are sad to be leaving, people here have been so lovely, they have come over to see hello and have played with the dogs.

“We will tidy it up before we leave here.”

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At the Moses Gate site a security unit remains in place at the entrance to prevent people from returning.


It is understood that every traveller has departed from the site.

A Bolton Council spokesperson said: "We are aware of two caravans who have moved onto land adjacent to Milnthorpe Road (Breightmet).

"Both have now been issued with appropriate notices and will be required to vacate shortly.

"The rest of the residents have now left the area to other locations in the North West."

The local authority has said support for the Travellers includes access to reserved temporary accommodation and measures to ensure there is no disruption to school attendance.