A concerned mother has issued a warning about a poached egg hack video that has gone viral on TikTok. 

Shafia Bashir, 37 revealed she had to visit the A&E after scolding her face while attempting to cook a poached egg. 

Shafia, who hails from Bolton, has been cooking eggs in a mug in the microwave for a number of years - a trick her ex-mother-in-law had taught her.

However, her attempt went wrong and the egg exploded leaving her with facial burns and forcing a trip to the A&E.

The Bolton News: Shafia Bashir was scolded after attempting to cook a poached egg.Shafia Bashir was scolded after attempting to cook a poached egg. (Image: Newsquest)

Being a TikTok user herself she said she had noticed similar egg-cooking hacks involving microwaves being used on the social media platform and cautioned anyone looking to use them.

Shafia added: "I just don’t want anyone else going through that, because it is trending on TikTok…It was the most excruciating pain in my life.

“It was a terrifying time for me. I was in absolute agony."

"I've literally burnt my whole face" - TikTok users have been warned before

These reports come two years after a TikTok user, Chantelle Conway, issued a similar warning.

In 2021, Chantelle in a TikTok video, warned other users about a similar poached egg hack. 

Chantelle Conway burned her face and neck after water exploded from a cup she had tried to poach an egg in after being told by followers to try the new viral hack.

@chantelleconway2020 ⚠️ warning ⚠️ please please people stop doing ur Porched  eggs in the microwave 💔 I was VERY VERY lucky .Iv now got to just leave it to heal #fypシ ♬ original sound - Chantelle Conway 🖤

Describing her ordeal in a TikTok video she said she had poured boiling water into a cup, put the egg in and popped it in the microwave for around 10 seconds. 

When she took it from the microwave and tried to get the egg out with a spoon the water exploded out of the cup scolding her face. 

Chantelle in the TikTok video said: "Just a quick message, people have been telling me to about the TikTok hack to poach eggs in the microwave. 

"Well this is what's happened to me. I've literally burnt my whole face and neck off.

"I'm just saying please do not do that egg cup challenge."

#Eggexplosion on TikTok

TikTok users have also been posting videos with the tag #eggexplosion on the social media platform. 


Exploding egg

♬ original sound - Vector

These videos show eggs that have been boiled and put in the microwave exploding when they are pierced.

Some of these videos have received over five million likes.