An 11-year-old is on track to achieve her BMX dreams.

Brooke Fawcett from Westhoughton may only be in Year Six but has already become a world championship winner.

Her mum, Barbara Fawcett, says Brooke has been riding since she was just three-years-old on a balance bike.

Brooke started racing at four and looks up to her two older brothers 16 and 17, Harvey and Jaden who are also BMX riders.

Barbara said: “My oldest  at around seven years old went to a local BMX track and tried it and he was hooked.

“I think Brooke  is committed to the training and achieving what she deserves and is very focused.

“She leans on her brothers and is quite lucky to have them and she can do quite a lot of moves on the track.

“She does it manually at 10 while others didn’t do that till 12 so she has a natural ability.”

Brooke won a world championship in 2022 at the age of just nine, and now regularly travels the world to take part in BMX contests.

Barbara said: “A couple of weeks back she completed at the European Championships in Verona, Italy and became European Number two in the 11 Year Old Girls title.

“She also visited United States in May completing at the World Championships and unfortunately slid out in 2nd position in the semi-final so didn't make the main final but was 13th overall in the World.”

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Barbara said: “It is a lot of effort and time from all of us as we are constantly at tracks and past seven weeks, so we have only had one week where we have not been doing it.

“The older ones left school and we work but we just work round it and never really stop, we are always out at weekends.”

Brooke currently attends to St Thomas’ CE School in Westhoughton and will be going to Westhoughton High School in September.

Brooke is the European number two at the moment.