FOR years Tyldesley children pretended they were at the seaside as they paddled by the waterfall in a section of Shakerley Brook off Combermere Lane.

But for the past few weeks the area has taken on a real Southport look as the ‘Old Mill Brook’ turned into a torrent, depositing hundreds of tons of sand on farmland north east of Shakerley estate.

Tyldesley councillor Stephen Hellier, who decided to investigate after Engine Lane flooded and the sand appeared, raised the issue with UK Coal.

Clr Hellier said: “I suspected these events were associated with the works to remove the former colliery tip, so I raised these issues with UK Coal at the Cutacre liaison meeting.

“I’ve also spoken at length with the Environment Agency and asked Wigan Council to monitor the situation.

“Apparently the stream had been diverted successfully on the Cutacre site for the past six years, but the exceptionally heavy rain in one storm in September caused the stream to re-route and pick up the sand that blocked a culvert causing the flooding.

“I understand that UK Coal, working with the Environment Agency, plans to rectify the situation towards the end of October and that the sand will be transported back to Cutacre via Engine Lane.”

An Environment Agency spokesman said: “The situation is under control and UK Coal has acted to our satisfaction. We’re reasonably happy with the way it is being progressed.”