A TEAM of young women are determined to expose child sexual exploitation.

The seven-strong group of 19 to 25-year-old campaigners from Lowton Girls Group has been working tirelessly to highlight the often ‘hidden’ crime by helping young people, parents and professionals guard against it.

Now, after meeting with Lowton Girls Group, Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Leigh MP Andy Burnham has pledged to raise awareness about child sexual exploitation at the highest level. LGG is raising awareness by distributing a DVD, posters and brochures plus an interactive workshop to people throughout the Leigh and Wigan area.

Group member Samantha Lee, aged 21, said: “It’s a subject we all feel passionately about.

“Our video and presentations have been really well received, now we want to promote them across the country.”

Georgina Hall, aged 20, said: “Sexual exploitation can affect everyone. It’s about power and control and anyone can become a victim.

“We have found that internet chat rooms, social networking sites and mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular channels for young people to be groomed for exploitation.”

Mr Burnham has promised to try to arrange a meeting between the Lowton group, government chiefs and Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper.

He said: “It is brilliant to see a group of young women take on such a difficult and serious subject. I am going to help make sure it gets heard.”