COUNTRY lovers, workmates, family and friends are digging deep to help create a garden in memory of father of four Craig Stevens.

Forty two years-old Craig passed away last September, a week after suffering a brain haemmorrhage leaving his wife Leanne, 33, and children Nathan, Natalie, Chloe and Ryan.

"Craig would do anything for anyone, he was well liked and loved, and friends who shared his interest in dogs and birds were devastated by his death and wanted to do something for me and the children so we decided to have a memorial garden done at the front of our house," said Leanne of Thirlmere Avenue, Tyldesley.

Friends raised over £3,000 and also bought a garden bench through holding auctions with the aim of completing the memorial in time for Craig's birthday on April 13.

The garden fund received a further boost of £693 when Rumour's hair salon boss Gail Cheadle allowed Leanne's sister Marie Hupton to open the Astley shop on a Sunday selling hand made cards, candles and cut and blows.

Aqua Speed, where Craig used to work, and Travis Perkins in Leigh have donated materials for the garden project.

Grateful Leanne told the Journal: "There are some lovely people in this world and it is overwhelming what people are doing for me. All those who knew him will be welcome on the day Craig's memorial garden opens."