CAMPAIGNERS objecting to controversial proposals to develop Northleigh Park have intensified their campaign by taking it to the heart of central Government.
On behalf of Save Our Borough, the national law firm, Gateleys, have written to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, requesting he himself determines the final decision on the scheme.
Save Our Borough has already objected to the inadequate Environmental
Statement and submitted a number of other relevant material planning considerations.
Campaigners say through Gateleys they have illustrated that this significant development has more than a local impact, thereby warranting the Secretary of State calling it in.
Save Our Borough Chair, Maxine Armstrong said they believed the proposed development at Northleigh Park was contrary to the existing
Unitary Development Plan, as a significant part of the site is safeguard land.
She said: "There is no basis for this application to be granted planning permission. We are aware that the Northleigh Park Group have invested substantial time and financial resources into the scheme, in advance of any approval being granted.
"By requesting the Secretary of State calls in this application for his own
determination we hope to guarantee that the transparency and integrity of the planning system remains intact in this instance.”
SOB has organised a public meeting to be held at 7pm on Wednesday, September 12 at the Bethel, Hindley Green, to update people and confirm action plans.