BAG packers raised more than £2,000 for a brave toddler who is battling a rare form of childhood cancer.

The helpers received donations for their efforts from shoppers at Asda in Atherleigh Way, Leigh, over two days.

All the money will go into a fund that hopes to pay for Braiden Lee Prescott to have specialist treatment in America.

“We’d like to thank the customers at Asda for their generosity,” said Jayne Acton, of the Braiden Lee Prescott Appeal.

“They raised the mammoth amount of £2,195 and this will now go into Braiden’s fundraising pot to help him towards treatment in America.”

Braiden was diagnosed with Nueroblastoma after parents Wayne and Stef noticed he was suffering from a limp.

Doctors initially thought the youngster had a form of arthritis, but the life-threatening condition was identified after treatment failed and Braiden’s symptoms worsened.

Wayne, aged 33, of Fell Street, Leigh, said: “When we found out, it was like someone had dug a big black hole underneath us.”

Family and friends are now desperate to raise enough money to pay for Braiden to receive immunotherapy treatment in America.

The treatment could improve his chances of survival by 25 per cent.

So far they have raised £35,000 but need to reach a target of £250,000 by the end of November for Braiden to receive the treatment. Anyone wanting to donate can visit