HAVE your pets said their prayers? If not, now is the time for them to start!

St Stephen’s Church, Astley, is holding a pet service on Sunday, October 7, where pet lovers can take along their animals.

The service will be led by the Rev Kevin Crinks and the Rev Jan Harney. It is the first time they have conducted a service like this.

The Rev Jan Harney told the Journal : “We’ve never done it before in Leigh but I know a church in Ashton-under-Lyne which has been running them for years.

“Kevin and I are dog lovers and want to invite people to bring their pets for a short service to say thank-you to God for our pets and all they mean to us and to receive a blessing – pets and owners alike.

“The Thursday before is St Francis day so the timing seems appropriate.”

The service starts at 4pm.