Do you believe in ghosts?

You might become a believer after a trip to Bolton which is supposedly home to a lot of haunted places.

Paranormal investigators, Para-Northern, know this all too well and the group have spent their time exploring the most haunted places in Bolton and beyond.

Founder of Para-Northern, Emma, set up the group around three years ago but her interest in the paranormal goes back much further.

The 39-year-old said: “I’ve always sensed paranormal things around me, even when I was a child.

“My mum would always hear me talking to people who weren’t there.

“At first she thought I was talking to an imaginary friend, but then I would go on to talk about odd things like old currency- so she thought there must be something more to it.”

She also told The Bolton News how she once woke up to see the ghost of a little boy at the side of her bed a few weeks ago.

Emma is also a developing medium- but she would never charge for a reading.

She said: “I don’t agree with someone charging £50 for a reading.

“Clearly the person asking for one is a bit lost in themselves and want some comfort from the reading- so I could never charge them.”

Some of her psychic readings have been eerily accurate. In one of her reading, she was able to see which type of flowers were used at a loved one’s funeral- but these were sunflowers which aren’t even your regular funeral flower.

The most haunted place in Bolton

Emma and the Para-Northern team have investigated many haunted places in Bolton and the surrounding areas.

While pubs such as Ye Olde Man and Scythe are regarded as some of the most haunted locations in town, the scariest place Emma has ever been to is the old Castle Street Police Station and Courts.

The Bolton News: County Police Station (Photo: Google Maps)County Police Station (Photo: Google Maps)

This building dates back to the 1800s but the original cells and courtroom have been preserved.

Numerous people have spotted a lady in white roaming this building while holding a lantern.

Emma said: “I’ve visited this building quite a few times and it was one of the first investigations that we did- I think it’s a place in Bolton where a lot of paranormal activity takes place.

(Credit: Facebook/ Para-Northern)

“We heard a whimper coming from the end of the corridor so we asked again if anybody was there and we heard someone say ‘hello’ in a really thin and distant voice.”

Emma said cell doors have slammed shut without explanation and the team felt uneasy while doing an Ouija board.

Emma said: “A paranormal expert on the team recommended we stop the investigation as they believed something demonic was communication to us through on the board.”

There is even a video of their investigation online which Emma believes captures some unexplained activity.

After Emma calls out for any spirits to make themselves known, she said a cry can be heard and the dog at the investigation starts to whine.

What do you think of the video clip- can you hear a whine from the corridor?

The prison isn’t the only place in the region where some spooky things have happened.

Emma and the team also attended a farmhouse in Harwood where there were reports of strange noises and even razor blades flying across the room.

Emma said: “We were all in one bedroom and I heard footsteps rushing up behind me.

“I felt like something was going to hit me- but there was nobody there.”

The Bolton News: Smithills Hall (Photo: Google Maps)Smithills Hall (Photo: Google Maps)

Emma also explored the grounds of Smithills Hall where she spotted a tall and thin woman in Victorian clothing; she also heard an old fashioned car horn despite there being no cars in the area.

While it is now closed down, The Brooklyn pub in Great Lever also proved to be a spooky place.

Emma said: “We heard a loud bang on the function room door- but there was nobody there.”

Spooky happenings also continued down in the cellar where Emma said she felt someone breathe down her ear.

Emma even captured some unexplained phenomenon on camera.

(Video: Para-Northern)

She said: “I asked if anyone was there if they could make a noise and a noise came from the corridor- right then a white anomaly comes in front of the screen before quickly disappearing.”

Other haunted places in the region include The Three Pigeons pub where Emma spotted the ghost of a child running around the bar.

This is also the place where she heard the mysterious sound of horses galloping- only to later find that working horses used to operate on the site.

The Last Drop Hotel also proved to be an “amazing” spot for a paranormal investigations. While conducting an Ouija board session, Emma and the team heard the sound of a baby’s cry.

While in a room at the hotel, Emma also saw a flash of white light appear next to her.

Emma understands that not everyone will have the same beliefs as her but maintains that her experiences just make her think that “there must be something more out there”.

Emma added: “I'd love for you guys to be on this journey with us as we search for proof of the Paranormal!”

If you want to keep up-to-date with Para-Northern and their investigations, then make sure to follow their Facebook page or Instagram page.

They will also be conducting a live paranormal investigation today (31st October) which you can watch on their social media platforms.