A popular food box is officially on the move after two years at a former pub in Bromley Cross.

Owner of Joe’s Coffee Co, Joe Rigby, says that it was a sad decision to come to but the journey was not over.

And  the main reason came down to the closure of The Railway pub, not making it viable anymore, as well as their licensing coming to an end.

The horse-box conversion now no longer operates at the pub, but Joe is hoping to confirm the new location – which is expected to be in Bolton – in the next two weeks, so customers know where to find them.

Joe said: “It’s upsetting because of being there the majority of the time since we started two years ago in March.

“We are looking forward to being at a new location, so we can hopefully get back to doing what we do and serving people again.

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“I am from the local area and think I will miss seeing the regulars that you get used to seeing, walking their dogs, and understanding what they are up to.”

The coffee shop on wheels is a family business and promises to offer more of the same quality hot food, drinks, and milkshakes once at their new location.

Joe also has another food truck at Salford Crescent and prior to making The Railway their home, they first based themselves on the Jumbles Walk in Grange Road for around a month.

He added: “Hopefully in the future we continue to find new areas we can move on to with high footfall so we can serve as many people as possible.

“There are mixed emotions.

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“It’s tough with inflation and the cost of products going up, but hopefully it gets under control.

“I always hope for the future anyway.”

Joe originally came up with the idea during the second lockdown in late 2020 after returning home from travelling with his girlfriend Ellie Jarvis.

He says at the same she managed to sort a teaching job out but that it was a tough period to find work.

Joe added: “It wasn’t the best time for looking for a job, so I came up with the idea because of all the pubs and restaurants closing.

“I thought it would be a good idea to do this.”

He says that the inspiration also came from travelling to different countries and trying different coffee.

Joe says that Australia was one of his favourite places to enjoy coffee.

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