Anti-speeding measures are being stepped up in Bromley Cross following a series of driving-related incidents.

It comes as Bromley Cross and Egerton had a number of issues reported - the causes of which vary.

Ward councillors Cllr Nadim Muslim, Cllr Samantha Connor, and Cllr Amy Cowen recently met with council officers, highways staff, and Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officers to discuss ways to tackle the problem.

Residents have previously voiced their concerns over speeding in the area, with Hospital Road being of particular concern. 

The Bolton News: Damaged wall where a car crashed into a wall a few years ago on Darwen Road, Bromley CrossDamaged wall where a car crashed into a wall a few years ago on Darwen Road, Bromley Cross

Cllr Muslim said “Frequently speaking with local residents, I hear time and time again about speeding being an issue.

“That’s why we’ve met with highways and the police to bring this to their attention.

“We want to give residents the chance to have their say and that’s why we’ll be holding a public meeting soon and will publish a date in due course.”

In the past, Driver Feedback Signs were installed on a number of roads in the ward.

The signs display a driver’s speed to encourage them to slow down, and also collect data on vehicle speeds too.

Bromley Cross ward covers both Bromley Cross and Egerton, with four main roads for through traffic: Blackburn Road, Darwen Road, Chapeltown Road, and Turton Road.

And councillors have said that making these four roads safer is a top priority.

The Bolton News: Hospital RoadHospital Road (Image: Public)

Cllr Samantha Connor said: “Securing more police operations in our area is crucial.

“If people know they’re at risk of getting caught, they’ll stop.

“By using some of the roughly additional 1,000 police officers GMP have had funded by the Government, we can be more targeted in our crackdown.”

Since the meeting between councillors and police, they put forward a three-point action plan, which includes holding a public meeting on speeding with representatives from Bolton Council and GMP in the next couple of months.

The meetings will provide an opportunity for residents to directly raise their concerns and hear about solutions.

There will also be an increase in speeding operations, where there will be a higher visibility of police in the area.

Cllr Cowen said: “We know this isn’t an issue we can fix on our own.

“We’ve previously installed Driver Feedback Signs but we want to bring everyone together.

“That means the council, the police, and local residents.

“By working together, we can deliver on the local priorities of our residents and make everyone safer.”

Work is also being done with the police to bring Community Speed Watch to the area, so residents and police can work together.

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