Filming for a true crime story continues in Bolton today.

BBC drama Kidnapped is being filmed in and around Bolton and film crews are currenlty in Le Mans Crescent.

The drama tells the true story of the infamous kidnap of model Chloe Ayling.

She travelled to Milan in 2017 when she was kidnapped and held for six days.

The series shows how she survived captivity and put her kidnappers in jail but was accused of faking it.

Filming for the drama has taken place elsewhere in Bolton with crews turning up at the Oldham Estates in Astley Bridge.

The Bolton News: Chloe Ayling, right, and Georgia Lester who plays herChloe Ayling, right, and Georgia Lester who plays her (Image: BBC)

The series asks why the model was blamed for the crimes of others, how people related to survivors and what it feels like to not be believed as a victim.

Bolton has been no stranger to the screens in recent years.

Last year the team at ITV were also on Le Mans Crescent for the filming of Ridley which featured Adrian Dunbar renonwed for his role in Line of Duty.

And later in the year it was the turn of Netflix to come to Bolton as the filming of Bodies, an adaptation of a graphic novel featuring Stephen Graham.

Filming for the final series of Peaky Blinders and long running soap opera Coronation Street have also taken place in the same spot.

Not far away on Victoria Square there was filming for the TV Sequel to the hit film The Full Monty.