An artist has created a stunning model of one of Bolton's historic buildings as efforts continue to bring the once home of the Crompton family back into use.

The model of Rock Hall, created by Verona Medhurst, was presented to Banana Enterprise which is working to save the Grade II listed building in Moses Gate Country Park.

Verona was inspired to create the artwork after hearing about the efforts to bring the hall back into use for the community.

Verona said: “I started making clay models earlier this year. I go to St Chad's art group in Bolton and one of their projects was using air dry clay to make a 'fairy house'. 

“I just did my own thing and really enjoyed it. Since then, I have made quite a few models including one for my friend who owns Ye Olde Pastie Shoppe in Bolton.

“She wanted a model of her shop to put in the window to celebrate it being in her family for 125 years this coming October.”

The Bolton News:

Verona continued: “I love heritage buildings and they must be saved for future generations.

“I decided that I wanted to show my support for the work the charity has been doing to help save Rock Hall after I saw their page on Facebook.

“The model is made out of air-dried clay and balsam wood. It took me four days to make it. 

“The Charity sent me a photo of the Hall of how it looked in the old days.

“It was actually much bigger with three roofs, but for my model version I decided to use artistic licence and create a model with one roof.

“I have recreated how the Hall looked at the rear prior to 1982 when it was partially demolished and renovated.

“The rear of the Hall was very different to how it looks now.”


The Bolton News: The model of Rock Hall, FarnworthThe model of Rock Hall, Farnworth (Image: Banana Enterprise)

Jayne Allman, CEO of the charity Banana Enterprise said “We are so thrilled to have been gifted the model of Rock Hall from Verona. She is so very kind and such a talented artist.

“The detail of the Hall is just fantastic.

“If we are successful with our National Lottery Heritage Fund funding bid application this September, we will eventually have a permanent heritage display within Rock Hall.

“Verona’s amazing model will be proudly on display there for future generations to view, along with other items people have gifted us and items we have purchased.

“In the meantime, we are hoping to organise a display of the model in the local library along with artwork and other items relating to Farnworth.

“We are so very grateful and honoured that Verona chose to make this model for us and we cannot thank her enough!”

 Banana Enterprise Network has been working on their Save Rock Hall project since January 2020.

The charity applied for the funding required to renovate and expand the Hall back to its original size last year, but the National Lottery Heritage Fund needed more clarity on how Bolton Council would be supporting the project as they own the Hall currently.

In May this year the Charity and Bolton Council submitted a joint funding bid application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for their Rock Hall Revival project and are awaiting news about their bid, which is due in September.

Rock Hall was built in 1807 for the Crompton family. They were local papermakers who established one of the first paper mills in Lancashire in 1676.

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