Police will be drafted in to Bromley Cross to crackdown on speeding following concerns by residents.

Speeding hotspots include Darwen Road, Blackburn Road, and Hospital Road.

A special meeting to discuss the issue was held and it was said to packed full of concerned residents.

Ward councillor Cllr Nadim Muslim says that during the meeting, concerns were raised over motorists speeding on roads and side roads where there are a lot of parked vehicles.

Cllr Muslim said: “People at the meeting wanted to understand a bit more about what was actually happening and whether it was as bad as they thought, and what they can do, after dealing with the issue for a number of years.

“At the end of the day the council can only do so much in terms of traffic calming measures, and councils are working within restricted budgets, but it is also a criminal offence, and councillors, council officers, and police are all working together.”

After neighbours shared details of the locations and times of incidents, officers have now said that they would be able to do more targeted enforcements in the area.

Cllr Nadim added: “Officers are committed to doing more targeted enforcement in the coming months, including speeding operations, particularly in the areas highlighted.

“This is because they have a bit more information now.

“During the speeding meeting, it was a full room and people turned up to show their concerns.

“It shows the strength of how people felt about speeding in the area.”

Work is also being done to bring Community Speed Watch to the area, so residents and police can work together.

And local councillors are keen for any volunteers who are interested to come forward.

Cllr Muslim said: “This can hopefully change the mindset and encourage people to drive more safely.

“Residents can also let us know if they have any concerns, and we can pass it on to the police.

“This was an opportunity to address the issue of speeding, which was a huge concern.

“In the future we will utilise the PACT meetings to highlight all crimes.”

The ward councillors were joined by Bromley Cross PCSO Dan Worthington, Highways council officer Joe Fox, and two GMP officers.

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