The family of a mountain biker who was seriously injured in an accident have said a huge thank you to the team who helped rescue him from a popular beauty spot.

Marcus Baker, 50, from Horwich, was left with a punctured lung, broken collar bone and shoulder, as well as six broken ribs.

He spent almost two weeks in Salford Royal Hospital intensive care unit and underwent surgery.

Marcus says he is extremely grateful to the volunteers for what they did.

Marcus said: “The Bolton Mountain Rescue team had to rescue me from up Rivington and take me on a stretcher.

The Bolton News: “They were very quick.

“I wasn’t as scared as I should have been.

“The rescue team are very important, and I don’t know how I would have got down from Rivington otherwise.

“I am very grateful for them.”

Marcus was mountain biking near the barn in Rivington when he had the accident.

He does not remember what happened or why he came off his bike.

His first memory is of being in the hospital.

Marcus’s sister Vicki Ramsden said: “We’re all incredibly grateful.

The Bolton News: “Bolton Mountain Rescue Team helped to save his life and it was so lovely to meet some of the volunteers including a member of the team who was first on the scene at the accident.”

Marcus’s family who owns roofing company Monoroof donated £1,000 to say thank you, and the rescue team paid them a visit to collect it this week.

Marcus has now made a full recovery thanks to the volunteers who were on the scene of the accident in less than 10 minutes.

Vicki  said: “Our family support for the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team goes back over 50 years.

“In 1972 my uncle Terry Baker, died climbing Mont Blanc when he was only 20, and the family made donations to the rescue team in his memory.

“My auntie Janette Baker uncle Ivor Makinson were volunteers in the 1970s, and when my dad died in 2020, we made donations in his memory.

“They are celebrating their 50th Golden wedding anniversary in October and have asked for donations for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team instead of gifts.

“The Bolton Mountain Rescue Team has a special place in our family.”

Vicki also said that local voluntary organisations and charities “play an incredibly important role” in the community, but funding is always a challenge for them, which is partly why they wanted to say thank you with a donation.

Marcus is now back on his mountain bike, visiting the Alps with his friends this summer.

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