Speed calming measures have been introduced on a blind bend on a busy road on the outskirts of Bolton after concerns were raised over speeding.

Rumble strip markings have now been painted on Ramsbottom Road, just before it becomes Bradshaw Road and meets Bury Road and Tottington Road at Turton, where there is a crossroads.

Bradshaw Cllr James Moller says that residents made himself and the other local councillors aware that speeding was happening in the area, and they wanted to slow down traffic in the vicinity.

Rumble strips are markings to alert drivers of potential dangers and to go slow.

It will cause a vibration and audible rumbling through the wheels to the inside of the vehicle.

The Bolton News: Cllr Moller said: “Residents made us aware that people were speeding, and they wanted to slow down the traffic in the area.

“If residents can highlight certain areas and we can get evidence, then that will always be helpful.

“We would rather put the markings in areas that will be benefited more.

“The rumble strips are similar to speed bumps, but not as high up and deters the driver from speeding.”

There have also been speed markings put on the road to remind drivers of the speed.

The area just past the Darchini Indian Restaurant on Bradshaw Road has also become known as accident black spot, with regular accidents reportedly happening here, which is also part of the blind bend when coming from Ramsbottom Road.

The Bolton News:

In 2017 hundreds of residents signed a petition calling for speeds to be reduced on Bradshaw Road due to concerns over speeding.

The works were completed last month, and it is hoped that this will have a positive impact on public safety.

Cllr Moller said: “The aim of it is always to have a positive and wider impact, because public safety is key.

“Certain people might not be aware of the corner coming up on Ramsbottom Road.

“It will also create awareness for new drivers or new drivers in the area, as well as residents.”

Residents have also called for a community speed watch group, and councillors are keen for people to put themselves forward.

Cllr Moller added: “We are willing to do more about speeding in the community, we just need the help and support from the community.”

For those interested in being a part of the group, contact Cllr Mudasir Dean.

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