A decision is due on a conversion and extension of a building to create an HMO in the centre of Farnworth.

The applicant, a Mr P Singh, applied for planning permission for the site on Higher Market Street this year.

Earlier an application for a house with 14 bedrooms was refused by the council because it overlooked other properties and because there was a lack of communal space for the residents.

This application is for a house with one fewer bedroom, a change to the windows to address the overlooking, and the creation of another living area to address the lack of communal space.

The conversion and extension of the building remains a point of contention after 18 residents wrote to the council to express concern over its impact on a range of issues from pressure on the roads or pressure on services to a rise in anti-social behaviour or criminal behaviour.

Paul Heslop, a councillor for the area until his resignation last month, called the application in for consideration by the planning committee prior to his resignation a result of this concern.

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He said: "There are yellow lines outside and there is a car park at the pub nearby but there is no public parking around there.

"Then there is the fact this is being built upwards so there is the issue of overlook on other properties around Mather Street."

A report for consideration by the planning committee suggests the change to the windows and the creation of another living area are enough to make the proposal acceptable.

The planning committee is recommended to approve the proposal when it meets at the town hall next week.

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The report reads: "Following the recent refusal on two grounds the proposal has been amended to overcome both reasons. 

"As a result of the changes the proposal will not give rise to overlooking and any overshadowing is within acceptable limits. 

"The additional internal communal diner/kitchen/lounge provides satisfactory amenity space within the building and there are public open spaces about 10 minutes' walk away. 

"On this basis the proposal is considered to comply with policies and it is recommended for approval."

The planning committee meets at the town hall on November 14.

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email jack.tooth@newsquest.co.uk or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.