Mysterious bright lights spotted in the skies above Bolton have left people thinking whether they could have been unidentified flying objects  - or UFO for short.

And if so, it certainly would not be the first time people have thought they have seen UFOs in the sky above Bolton.

The latest sighting took the form of bright  lights in formation on Sunday, December  and was spotted by a man in Farnworth.

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Bolton photographer captures 'UFO' over Churchgate

Paul Longstaff was sat at his computer when his mum shouted and pointed to outside the window.

He said: “I was online shopping when my mum said what’s that outside, and I looked, and it was five really great big lights.

The Bolton News:

“I got pictures with my camera but by the time I came back downstairs to take them, the lights had started to fade and were going behind the trees.

“They are not that bright in the pictures but seeing it was a shock, and it was just proper weird.”

UFOs are not uncommon in Bolton according to UFO Identified, which noted 10 had been identified to them in 2023 by May.

On December 10, another one was identified going over Winter Hill at midnight.

The Bolton News:

The entry said: “Circular object near Winter Hill suddenly became a 'line' like it had flipped over then shot off in seconds no longer visible.”

Greater Manchester has one of the highest UFO sightings in the country according to UFO database website, UFO Identified.

Paul says he did not always believe in aliens and UFOs but since he has been reading about the increasing number of UFO sightings in the country as well as in Bolton.

He said: “The way they were moving was fast and when I got back downstairs, they were so quickly by the trees and I could not see anything but I had seen it.

“They were moving in a formation not like a plane would, but it was strange and weird.

“I was shocked and wondered what they were when I saw them, as I have never seen anything like that.

“I go online, and I see and read the news on other sightings and I know this happens often now.”

Although the pictures are not very clear, Paul says the lights were very bright and moving very quickly through the sky.

Paul has submitted his pictures to see if they really are UFOs.

Reports of UFO sightings in Bolton documented by the Government.

08-Mar-09 01:30: "A large fireball but with an oblong shape. Thought it was a crashing airliner but it stopped and hovered. It then came towards Dunscar, stopped and headed in a SE direction towards Bury. It hovered in the distance for a minute before disappearing."

26-Oct-09 17:46 " Red and orange lights high in the sky moving slowly, numerous sightings over several weeks."

18-Mar-98 17:40 "A round, and very bright object. Equivalent to a 5p coin in size, at arm's length. Was stationary and then disappeared"

09-Jan-99 22:00 "One main object, blue, red and white"

22-Feb-99 19:00 "Two objects. Top one had a pale white light. The bottom one had a red/green light. They glided along the sky."