New bollards are set to be put up on a road that has been plagued by car crashes “time and time again.”

This comes after a string of crashes on Church Street at the junction with Peel Street in Westhoughton.

But an agreement has now been reached between Westhoughton Town Council and Bolton Council to try and protect public safety by installing two new bollards at Diddy Bottle Park, a lay-by on the road.

Cllr Neil Maher, of Westhoughton South, said: “Time and time again we are seeing cars smashing into the wall here.

“We know that people are often speeding along Church Street which does not help the situation.

The Bolton News: The new bollards will be installed on Diddy Bottle ParkThe new bollards will be installed on Diddy Bottle Park (Image: My Westhoughton)

“I am pleased that we are getting a bollard installed to try to improve the situation here.”

Church Street is one of Westhoughton’s most significant main roads, cutting through the centre of the town with many businesses and venues based along it as well as people’s houses.

But the area along the road has had to cope with several crashes in recent times, many of them involving cars coming off the road and into the raised wall.

The most recent crash took place just earlier this year on January 3.

Another crash only a month before saw two cars involved in a crash on Church Street on the evening of Friday December 8.

One of the cars had “flipped” over onto its roof according to eyewitnesses.

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Going still further back, another two-car collision happened on the very same road nearly two years ago at around 7am on the morning of Wednesday March 2 2022.

In that case paramedics had to be called, but on one was taken to hospital.

The reason for the crashes is not known.

But now, council officials hope that the new safety measures to be installed around Diddy Bottle Park will help to warn people about the impending danger and bring down the number of accidents.

Diddy Bottle Park is found on a lay-by on Church Street.

The illuminated bollards will be installed to help warn drivers and will be installed at each end of the park’s raised flower bed.