An Asda superstar has saved a husband from a difficult conversation after he lost his wedding ring at an Asda petrol station.

Chrissy Grimshaw, who has worked at Horwich Asda for two decades, was determined to lend a helping hand after a panicked husband lost his wedding ring.

The man had used a paper towel while refuelling and when he put the towel in the bin next to the pump, his ring fell in too.

Chrissy said: "He was distraught, so I thought I'd better help him straight away. He was made up when I found it, and thanked me before saying 'I can go home now!'"

The petrol kiosk colleague searched through an entire bin to ensure the customer did not go home empty-handed.

Customer trading manager, Carol Fish, nominated her for an Asda Service Superstar award for her kindness.

Carol said: "It's brilliant that Chrissy was able to put the customer's mind at rest, as I know first hand how much trouble he'd have been in if he'd lost it.

“My husband lost his wedding ring three days after we were married when we went on honeymoon to Barbados.

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“I still haven't forgiven him!”

She added: “Chrissy's a lovely, lovely person with a zest for life who'll do anything to help.

“She's always smiling and telling jokes and she's really good with customers, so this totally typical of her."

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Hundreds of people have since praised Chrissy with one person adding: “Thank you Chrissy for restoring my faith in human nature by thinking of others”.

Another revealed that this had not been her only good dead while working at the Bolton store.

They said: “You were also very helpful with me a couple of weeks back.

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“I thought I had lost my phone and you were trying to ring it and held the queue so I could go and look where I had been, I found it in the trolley in the end,  you were so lovely, thank you.”