An inquest is taking place  into the death of a man who died after being arrested in Bolton.

David Molloy was detained by police on Saturday, September 9 in 2017.

He was taken into custody but died at the Royal Bolton Hospital the following day.

An inquest into his death is taking place at the Bolton Coroners Court.

Due to the death taking place in state detention and as he is not believed to have died from natural causes a jury is required for the case.

The inquest is expected to last for 20 days.

The jury heard the call made to the police which led to his arrest.

The call was made from Zoe Percival from Elgin Street, Halliwell, whose house she said Mr Molloy, was at.

She asked the police caller to send someone as he was “wrecking” her house.

A man later told the call handler he had “choked ” Mr Molloy twice to knock him unconscious.

He was asked how he had done this and said:” “I do a bit of cage fighting.”

He asked the call handler to come as quickly as possible as “I do not want to have to do this again.”

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The inquest also heard a statement from Justine Molloy, the sister of Mr Molloy.

She said he had been born in Oldham but raised in Swinton and had worked both as doorman and a plant hire operator in the construction industry.

Ms Molloy also said after the breakup of a relationship he had worked away a lot but she had seen him on the morning of the day he was arrested looking “radiant.”

She said Mr Molloy had told her was going to Leeds to put a deposit down on a motorbike.

In her statement read out, she  said: "As a family we wish David had come home that night."

Mr Molloy, who was 48 at the time of his death, lived in the Swinton area.

The inquest, before Coroner Peter Sigee, continues.