Residents in Egerton have won their fight over the installation of telegraph poles on their estate.

Earlier this month residents staged a meeting with local councillors Cllr Nadim Muslim, Cllr Amy Cohen, and Cllr Sam Connor, after notices were posted on a number of lampposts on The Hall Coppice.

Now local councillor Cllr Nadim Muslim says Openreach has decided to install cables underground rather than the over-ground telegraph poles.

He said: “We were contacted by a few residents who saw Openreach taking down the notices on the lampposts.

“They knocked on a few doors and said they will do the work underground rather than over-ground.

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“It’s fantastic because it just goes to show that by working together as councillors and residents we can achieve good outcomes.

“People got in touch from Southport to see if they could do the same because a lot of residents there have the same issues.”

The residents' main concerns were that the wooden poles would impact the look of the area and there was no need for them as neighbours said they already have fast internet in the area.

A spokesperson for Openreach said: “I’m pleased to say that after revisiting our build plans the team was able to identify an alternative underground route to bring full fibre broadband to the residents.

"A small amount of civil engineering may be required but we’ll do everything possible to keep disruption to a minimum.”

Around 50 people turned up to the meeting a couple of weeks ago - and with only about 70 properties on the estate Cllr Nadim said the turnout reflected the strength of feeling of people.

The Bolton News: Bromley Cross resident meetingLast month Astley Bridge residents also won their fight to get a telegraph pole removed on land which they use as their 'village green'.

After they made their complaints known to Openreach, it was since agreed to remove the pole from its position. 

Cables were taken off the mast on February 29, before the mast itself was taken away on March 12. 

Bolton South East MP Yasmin Qureshi and Bolton North East MP Mark Logan have also said they would back tougher regulations for telecoms companies installing 5G masts in the borough, which has also been an ongoing concern.

Both MPs called on the government to force telecoms companies, such as BT, Vodafone and IX Wireless to undergo an application and consultation process before 5G masts can be installed.

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