A mum-of-four says her children have been unable to play in her rented social housing property garden, with her describing it as a “swimming pool”.

Ewelina Mazurek, who lives on Pegamoid Street in Tonge Moor, says she has had problems in her garden for some time, which has not been resolved.

She rents the property from social housing landlord Bolton at Home, as well as working as a teaching assistant.

Ewelina, 32, said: “The kids can’t play outside because it’s so muddy.

“When my children ask to play outside, I just say let’s go to the park instead.

“We tried to sort the garden out by putting stones and five tonnes of soil down, but it is still the same, and it’s like a swimming pool.

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“It’s not comfortable and it’s been awful.

“It doesn’t look like somewhere you would bring friends and family round.”

She says she has also been dealing with damp and mould issues in her living room and kitchen as well as a plastering job she requested.

For the plastering job, she was told to remove the wallpaper in her kitchen for work to be carried out.

However, she says she is still waiting for the walls to be decorated, including part of her ceiling, which has a hole in it.

The Bolton News: Ewelina says she has also had a problem with the wrong toilet being fitted a number of times, meaning it does not fit properly in the bathroom.

She said: “I have lived here for nine years, and I don’t want new neighbours, but nothing has been happening.”

In emails seen by The Bolton News, arrangements were made for the issue to be fixed in Ewelina’s garden.

Ewelina says that an inspector paid her a visit, but she says she is still waiting for it to be fixed.

She has also requested a shower for her mum Panuta who has mobility issues, and she says that although a railing was fitted in the bathroom she is still waiting for a shower to be installed to help her.

Bolton at Home said it has previously carried out inspections and repairs to address the reported problems.

The Bolton News: The housing provider also said that when it comes to the “waterlogged” garden, it may need support from other agencies and will be in touch with Ewelina to discuss any further work needed.

A Bolton at Home spokesperson said: “We have previously carried out inspections and repairs at the property to address the issues brought to our attention by our customer.

“The additional issues, such as the waterlogged garden, may need support or action from other agencies.

“We will speak with our customer to fully understand and address any further work needed.”

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