The Northern Lights are extremely likely to be visible to the naked eye tonight.

The stunning display of lights also known as Aurora Borealis may be seen in Bolton vi where skies are clear as the Met Office predict the lights to be visible all over the UK.

Usually seen in Iceland, the display was seen in London last night.

The chance to see the lights will last for most of the week, with the peak until Wednesday.

The Met Office said: "A combination of fast solar winds and the recent arrival of a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun, could lead to the aurora being seen tonight, especially across the north of the UK."

And according to Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, there is a severe solar storm in progress which will cause a particle stream to hit the earth's magnetic field.

Aurora Watch UK also highlighted the chances as red- highly likely from anywhere in the UK.

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In Bolton people have seen the lights in Rivington.

For a chance to see the lights, people should look from 9pm-12am, try to look for signs of a clear sky, such as visible stars, and go north where they can.