Bolton Council's planning committee was divided down the middle by an application for an extension to a house in Astley Bridge.

The applicant, Khadijah Vali, applied for planning permission for a property at the corner of Holden Avenue and Sharples Avenue.

The application for an extension to the house, involving the replacement of a single-storey extension with a two-storey extension, was a resubmission of one blocked by the council last year on the basis of its impact on the appearance and character of the area. 

Kate Taylor, a councillor for Astley Bridge, appealed for approval of the plan.

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Cllr Taylor said: "[Sharples Avenue] is a steep road so I think most of the houses are very visible anyway. 

"We should not take it too much into consideration because there is not much to be done about the topography – it is what it is."

A report for consideration by the planning committee recommended refusal of the plan for the same reason as last year.

Labour Group councillors on the committee were for approval but the opposition councillors on the committee were for refusal.

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John Walsh, a councillor for Astley Bridge, said: "I accept this is a raised site but this is a matter of geology and history.

"We cannot alter the topography of the site, we are faced with what we are faced with, and I think the two-storey extension is inappropriate development of the site."

Rob Morrisey, a councillor for Breightmet, said: "I understand as it is on a corner it is very visible but I do not think it is a lot more visible compared to other houses. 

"I do not think it is going to lead to such an enormous extension that it would be such a detriment especially given on Holden Avenue there are not any other houses."

There was a seven-seven tie in the vote but, as chair of the planning committee, Cllr Walsh had the casting vote. The application for an extension to the house was refused.

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.