Plans have been submitted to transform a post office in Bolton to create a new shop and to make a flat available for a new occupant

The proposal is for the site on Chorley Old Road close to the town centre and has been put forward by property owner Ahmad Patel.

Agents RA Design & Project Management Ltd prepared a design statement which outlined how it could be changed.

It said: "The post office does not require such a large retail area due to the changing nature of the industry, with many products purchased online or in supermarkets, where smaller stores struggle to compete.

"The flat itself is currently unoccupied as it is not required by the owner – separating it will bring it back into use, where demand in the area is high.

"The proposal is to convert part of the ground floor area in the post office to a separate Class E shop and to form a new entrance corridor for the flat above to create a self-contained flat."

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If approved the business will operate from 8am to 8pm between Monday and Saturday and from 10am to 5pm on Sundays.

The statement went on to explain why the move should be accepted.

It said: "The proposal is very minimal in its impact but great in its contribution as it creates a vital housing unit and new commercial unit in a highly sustainable location and therefore it is requested the proposal be approved."