A 77-year-old Bolton man with disabilities has shared his frustrations after his bins have not been collected for more than eight weeks.

Paul Crowther, who lives on Sutton Estate in Deane, says he has not had his beige and burgundy bins emptied for eight weeks as well as his green household waste bin which has not been emptied for seven weeks.

Mr Crowther has assisted bin collections through Bolton Council and wants to know why his bins are being missed each week.

He said:  “I am supposed to have assisted collections for my bins from Bolton Council as I am 77 and I am disabled, but my bins have not been emptied now for eight weeks.

“The beige and the burgundy bins have not been touched and they have not emptied the green household/food waste for around seven weeks either.

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“I just feel frustrated really, every time they fail to collect them on a Friday I ring the council on the Monday to say why haven’t you done this and every week they give me the same spiel to give them a minute.

"They go off the phone for a couple of minutes and they come back and say this has been escalated further up.

“I have been asking who it is being escalated up to so I can speak to that person, and they won’t tell me.

“I try to not get at them because it's not their fault they’re just taking my information down, but it is just so frustrating.

“Every two weeks they should be taken away but they’re not.

“I rang them again on April 29, and they told me no one would be coming to pick up my bins until the next collection date in two weeks.

“I said that is disgusting, so this is another while again waiting for my bins to be emptied.

My green food bin is full, I have no room in that, and the burgundy bin is three-quarters full, it is just so frustrating, and they won’t give me any information.”

Cllr Abdul Atcha, ward councillor for Rumworth said: “I am very happy to help this gentleman as his ward councillor to get the situation resolved ASAP.

“I have helped many other residents in my ward with these kind of problems and I am dealing with officers from waste and recycling regularly with these types of issues.

“Unfortunately, the previous Conservative administration left the service not fit for purpose which has meant that these problems have occurred, and we are trying to resolve them which hopefully very soon will mean a much improved service.”

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