A taxi boss who has pioneered a new project to deliver food to the needy hopes to bring his scheme to Bolton soon.

Shaz Malik, founder of the Chorley Taxi Association, has now set up the Helping Hands initiative which aims to bring food donations to homeless people across his hometown.

One of several partners to have worked with Mr Malik is Saqib Mohammed, a businessman originally from Bolton who owns the Texas Steak House, on Bolton Road, Chorley.

Mr Malik said: “We all have superpowers by helping others.

The Bolton News: The partners behind the projectThe partners behind the project (Image: Public)

 “With everything happening globally, it makes sense to consider supporting our local community and uniting various groups to focus on positive actions.

“Let's start by bringing people together in our hometown and working towards a common goal of making a difference.”

Mr Malik is already a well-known figure thanks to his work in setting up the CTA (Chorley Taxi Association)  and his pioneering “taxi watch” scheme that involves taxi drivers in public safety.

The Bolton News: Cream Curls has offered discountsCream Curls has offered discounts (Image: Public)

He has also been outspoken about recent attacks on drivers around Bolton and has called for tougher penalties for the perpetrators.

Helping Hands has now been launched by Mr Malik along with fellow CTA directors Rashid Sohail and Mohmed Esa with managers Amy Hodkinson and Abdul Javeed.

The project will work in collaboration with United Form Church open kitchens, led by Brenda Lambert, who first met Mr Malik seven years ago when he donated 5KG of pineapple tins.

Together they will work to receive and deliver food donations to homeless people from businesses across the town.

The Bolton News: Foran & Blake Hairdressers has joined the projectForan & Blake Hairdressers has joined the project (Image: Public)

One of the first businesses they have worked with has been Saqib Mohammed’s Texas Steak House, which has agreed a 70 per cent discount on food for Helping Hands.

Mr Mohammed said: “I have known Shaz for a while now and Mohmed Esa has been a family friend for many years, we are currently working together as strategic partners for CTA.

“When Shaz presented the Helping Hands plans, I immediately became interested.

“Even though times are tough for everyone, it is important that we still make an effort to help and support others.”

Cream Curls dessert parlour, run by Samir and Salika Asif has also agreed to an 80 per cent discount on desserts to support the project.

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Salika said: “Shaz approached me to join the Helping Hands Homeless Project, and after hearing the details, I eagerly agreed to participate.

“CTA Helping Hands also decided to give back to Cream Curls for each order placed, which was a great initiative.

“I have known Shaz for many years and collaborating with Helping Hands Chorley is a pleasure.

“Personally, I find great joy in helping others, and the ability to impact someone's life in a meaningful way is truly rewarding.”

Foran & Blake Hairdressers owner William Foran has agreed to a 66 per cent discount, while Martin Downer from Spiral Graphics has agreed to supply Helping Hands stickers.