A SUSPECTED drug trafficker from Bolton has been arrested by Spanish police after an investigation into the supply of drugs to British holidaymakers in Majorca.

Benjamin Cheetham, aged 23, from Bolton, was arrested in Majorca by Spain’s National Police in what was described as "a major operation".

He is alleged to be part of suspected drug trafficking boss John Pereira's gang.

Pereira, aged 30, from Manchester, was arrested at the weekend after police raided his home in Magaluf, Majorca.

A spokesman from the force’s headquarters in Madrid, said: “Pereira tried to resist arrest waving a machete, but he was overpowered without anyone being injured.

"He is the supposed head of a gang which was supplying cocaine and designer drugs to young British holidaymakers in the resort.

"He is also implicated in a number of stabbing incidents during the summer months.”