A FORMER cotton weaver has celebrated her 104th birthday — making her one of the oldest women in Bolton.

Agnes Hagan celebrated the milestone surrounded by family and friends at the Meadow Bank Nursing Home in Great Lever.

The second of three children, Miss Hagan grew up in Breightmet and started work as a cotton weaver in the Falcon Mill in Halliwell, aged 14.

She never married, but lived independently in her Burnmoor Road home, in Breightmet, until she reached 100.

Miss Hagan has four nieces who say they are “absolutely thrilled” with their aunt’s achievement.

Kathleen Pickup, aged 69, from Harwood, said: “She’s a very intelligent woman and when she was a child she passed her exams to go to grammar school — but those were different times and she had to go to work.

“She didn’t marry but she’s always been very independent and wonderful auntie to us all.

“We’re absolutely amazed at how well she’s done. I was still taking her out to do her shopping up until a few years ago.”

Mrs Pickup and Miss Hagan’s other nieces — Sheila Murphy, Rosemary Openshaw and Noreen Quick — were told by doctors they could lose their aunt last year when she had a bad fall.

“We were told she may only last for another two weeks when she was in hospital but she perked up and is still going strong now,” added Mrs Pickup.

“It was lovely to celebrate her birthday at Meadow Bank and the staff put on a lovely party for her.”

The Mayor and Mayoress of Bolton, Colin and Dee Shaw, also paid Miss Hagan a visit to wish her a happy birthday last Thursday.

Shinu Mathews, manager of Meadow Bank, said: “We threw Agnes a lovely party and had two cakes.”

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