FEW parents experience the unimaginable pain of losing a baby.

But one couple were forced to deal with the heartbreaking loss of two babies on the same day after their twins were born prematurely at 21 weeks, each weighing less than one pound.

Louise Hopwood, aged 27, and husband Chris, aged 28, of Runfield Close, Leigh, were devastated when Wigan Infirmary was unable to find clothes that did not swamp the tiny frames of Pearl and Peggy.

So Mrs Hopwood, a clothes manager at Tesco, started knitting miniature hats, blankets and outfits for other premature babies.

She said: “All the clothes the hospital had just swamped them and it seemed so important to be able to dress them.

“When we got home my mum, aunty and I just started knitting.

“After we had donated the first batch, I set up a Facebook page to let people know what we had done and then everything went crazy.

“I’ve got so much wool now because so many kind people have donated.

“Every time the postman comes I have another four parcels.

“I have had to stop accepting donations because Chris has lost his games room but lots of people have been knitting outfits for us too, so if anyone wants wool for that let me know.

"I have been contacted by so many people who have been through something similar and maternity wards who want some of our clothes, I just don’t see why there hasn’t been something like this around here before.”

Pearl was born at 5.07pm and survived for 20 minutes — just enough time to see her little sister Peggy born.

Peggy only survived for five minutes.

Mrs Hopwood added: “God decided they were too beautiful for Earth and took the girls from us. Chris and I wanted to turn a devastating situation into a positive and to help others.”

Their names will forever be immortalised on the hand-written tags attached to each lovingly crafted item of clothing made.