A MEASURE to protect children, campaigned for by Greater Manchester’s police and crime commissioner, is to become law.

Senior police or council officers will soon have the power to temporarily close premises where they suspect children are being sexually exploited.

Tony Lloyd, pictured, the police and crime commissioner, has been campaigning for the measure to be introduced.

The government initially rejected the proposal but it has now been given the go- ahead.

Mr Lloyd said: “This is a simple measure, but it’s a powerful additional tool that police and local authorities will be able to use to help keep children safe.

“I’m glad the government finally listened to us and saw the real value in having this practical and proportionate tool.

"Ultimately it will disrupt the activities of people who want to abuse children.

"It’s not the silver bullet for us to solve the problem of child sexual exploitation, but it’s going to be invaluable for people on the ground who are working hard to keep our young people safe.”

The closure notice could include takeaways, corner shops and other buildings where grooming has been known to take place.