POLICE have been swapping the beat for the airways to get the crime prevention messages across.

Police community support officers Bhavinee Jhala and Paul Dootson and PC John Gregory reached out to the community by presenting two shows on radio station Johnson Fold FM.

The show, named Top of The Cops, had a lunchtime slot on Thursday and Friday.

Safety messages, the world’s “dumbest crimes”, current affairs and getting to know the Bolton North Neighbourhood Policing Team’s officers were included in the two one-hour shows.

PCSO Jhala said: “I have been involved in Johnson Fold FM before and I really enjoy it. People get to see us as real people. This is the fourth year I have been on the radio. Every year more and more people are taking part. It’s really good. We like doing community events.

“We got good feedback and someone sent a message in saying they really enjoyed the show.”

The world’s dumbest crimes section included a story about a man who tried to buy electrical goods with a fake million dollar bill.

PCSO Dootson said: “We talked about fracking and a story that has been in the news about a fruit that is bubblegum flavoured.

“Everyone seemed to be really positive about the shows and it gave us more of a human face. We gave advice about protecting people from vehicle crime. Even if people leave the simplest thing on display people will take the opportunity to break in.”

The officers advised people to register valuable items on immobilise.com — a property database which enables police to return stolen goods if they are found.

They also told people they could collect personal safety bells to deter thieves and packs with crime prevention tips from police.

The radio station returned for its fifth annual event and was hosted by volunteers and funds by Bolton at Home.

Listeners within a three-mile radius of Johnson Fold could tune in. It was broadcast from the Hope Centre in Tattersall Avenue, Johnson Fold.

Despite the officers enjoying it, they said they would stick to their day job.