A GENEROUS primary school pupil has raised more than £200 for a children’s charity — after being inspired by the story of a girl who defied the odds and fought terminal cancer for three years.

Bethany Houghton-Hayes, aged eight, has raised the money by selling multi-coloured bracelets and wristbands.

She will give the proceeds to Derian House, a charity which provides specialist care for children and young people with a life threatening illness.

Bowness Primary School pupil Bethany was inspired to raise money for the charity following the death of her friend, six-year-old Jessica Green, who lived on the same street in York Avenue, Little Lever.

Jessica, who died from an aggressive brain tumour on April 1, was treated by Derian House carers.

Jessica and Bethany’s parents are close friends and Bethany heard from her mum and dad about how Derian House needs financial support to continue providing services to children.

Bethany said: “When my friend died, I thought of Derian House and the children in it and I wanted to help them.

“I’m very happy with how much money I’ve raised. My parents are really pleased I’m doing it and they have been really helpful.”

She has made more than 100 bracelets and wristbands, which she sold at her school, at Morrisons in Blackhorse Street, Bolton, and at Footsteps Dance School in Bradley Fold.

Bethany’s total stands at £205, but will rise to £230 once she has received the donation from her father, Andrew Hayes.

Her mother Kelly helped her make the bracelets and wristbands.

Miss Houghton, aged 34, said: “Bethany’s done fantastically well. I didn’t think she would raise so much money in such a short space of time, so I’m ecstatic that she’s got this far. She’s a kind and helpful girl who will always go out of her way to help others.”

Mr Hayes, aged 34, added: “I’m very proud of what Bethany’s done. Not many little girls would think to do something like that.

“It was very sad what happened to Jessica and when we told Bethany that Derian House needs funding to help more girls like Jessica, she was really keen to help out.

“It’s so important that charities like Derian House give children the best care possible and hopefully Bethany’s helped them to do that.”