TURTON author Christine Conroy signed copies of her debut book Stitch Your Own Silver Linings at Waterstone’s in Deansgate.

Mrs Conroy, aged 56, was accompanied by her daughter Charlotte, aged 25, who was part of the inspiration for the book, after she developed bone cancer when she was just seven years old and was given 12 months to live.

Mrs Conroy, who is also a university lecturer and motivational speaker, uses her personal experiences from the book, along with scientific research, to create a method that will help people who are struggling with life’s challenges.

She said: “It was supposed to be a two-hour signing but I ended up staying there for four. It was really nice to have a proper chat with people who were buying it, rather than them just leaving the shop straight away.

“It was such a beautiful day that I was surprised so many people came in from the sunshine to have a chat, but I didn’t stop all afternoon.

“I’m now looking forward to getting feedback from those who bought the book to hear their thoughts as I start thinking about writing the next one.”