POLICE have charged two more men in connection with a burglary in Westhoughton in which thousands of pounds in cash and guns was stolen.

Raymond Dallimore, aged 58, is accused of taking £20,000 of cash, firearms and ammunition from a property in Dicconson Lane, Westhoughton on March 28.

At the time of the burglary, it is alleged that Dallimore, of Church Street, Westhoughton, was carrying an axe and a knife with him.

Dallimore was also charged with possession of cannabis after it was found in his possession on April 28.

Shaun Gastall, aged 34, of Maple Crescent, Leigh, is charged with stealing numerous firearms and an unknown quantity of cash from the Dicconson Lane property on March 28, also while armed with an axe.

He also faces charges of supplying cannabis between March 1 and April 28 and possessing it.

Both men appeared at Bolton Magistrates Court on May 27.

Neither entered a plea and their cases will next be heard at Bolton Crown Court on June 13.

Craig Lister, aged 33, of Hale Road, Liverpool, has already appeared in court, charged with stealing £14,000 of firearms, ammunition, cash and valuables while armed with a knife and an axe from the Dicconson Lane home.

  • Update - 15/5/15 - Since this report was published, the charge against Dallimore of aggravated burglary while armed with an axe and knife has been changed to conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary.