REVELLERS are being warned to look after their belongings while out in Bolton at night after a wave of thefts.

PC Andy Vernon said 300 thefts have been reported in the town’s bars over the past year up until July.

The majority have been when people have left items unattended.

PC Vernon,  from Bolton’s partnership and licensing team, said: “There’s been a small increase in thefts within the night time economy in Bolton.

“The majority of items being taken are mobile phones and handbags while the customers are in bars.

“People tend to be leaving belongings unattended, leaving handbags or mobile phones on tables and when they come back the property has gone.

“We want to make people aware that they need to keep their valuables with them. Don’t leave anything lying about.

“The majority of thefts could have been easily prevented."

Police have been giving out leaflets to warn people that opportunists will take items that are left.

He added: “Don’t take anything valuable into town. If you have a bag, keep it on you, keep phones in pockets and only take them out when you need them.”

He said some bars are looking into having cloakrooms where phones can be kept safe.

Police are advising anyone out on the town to watch out for people who try to distract you with a leaflet or gift and then steal from under your nose.

Pickpockets are also known to sit close to people and steal from jackets or bags on the back of chairs.

People can register their property on Immobilise, a national property register which can help owners see the return of any items stolen and found.