BOLTON MPs will attend a public meeting to discuss the devastating Gaza conflict, which has claimed the lives of 1,900 Palestinians — more than 400 of them children — plus 67 Israelis.

Bolton West MP Julie Hilling and Bolton South East MP Yasmin Qureshi have accepted an invitation to attend the Gaza campaign event, called by local groups and individuals who are calling for justice and peace in the area and the end to the siege of Gaza.

The two MPs will be joined by Afzal Khan and Julie Ward who are both MEPs for the North West.

They will address the meeting before taking a question and answer sessions from the audience with constituents being able to quiz their MPs directly on the issue.

Susan Haworth, who is helping to promote the meeting, said: “We were very keen to get elected representatives involved in this meeting. The public can ask questions and become more knowledgeable about the problems in Gaza and an understanding of Parliament’s stance on it.”

She added: “People have been let down by the current Foreign Secretary.”

Ms Haworth said that both MEPs had an interest in the issue, given Ms Ward has visited the area and Mr Khan sits on the subcommittee on security and defence.

“There has been a clamour for justice for the Palestinians, and the elected representatives can do something about it, the MEPs can call on Europe to take a stance,.” said Miss Haworth who added: “We are encouraging as many people to attend as possible.

“We are so pleased that four of our elected representatives are attending.”

The meeting will take place on August 29 at BCOM in Vicarage Street, starting at 6.45pm.

This Saturday, a "peaceful and respectful demonstration", called by Bolton Stop The War and Friends of Al Aqsa, to remember the dead will be held in Victoria Square.

A message from Ms Ward will be read out at the event, starting at 2pm.