A SPURNED lover who told his former partner he had “paid good money” to have her ex boyfriend harmed has been sentenced to a community order.

Daniel McLellen, aged 35, launched into a tirade of abuse after his relationship with Andrea Settle broke down after six weeks.

Bolton Crown Court heard McLellen contacted his victim, who is from Bolton, between midnight and 1am on May 27 and made “frightening” remarks.

The court heard McLellen said “Mr Nasty Dan was coming out” and said Ms Settle’s former partner was a “dead man walking” and said that he had “paid good money already”.

He also warned her to call the police for her own safety, the court heard.

In the morning McLellen was struck with remorse and sent a message to his victim saying he had no intention of carrying out his threats.

Colin Buckle, defending, said McLellen was very remorseful, was emotional at the time because of the relationship coming to an end.

He was said to have never acted in a similar way before and confessed to police when he was arrested.

McLellen, of Coxton Road, Manchester, was in breach of a suspended sentence requirement for fraud and theft from an employee, for which he was sentenced at Bradford Crown Court in July 2012.

He admitted making Ms Settle fear he would be violent towards her.

Recorder Paul O’Brien, sentencing, said: “You had been in a relationship with Andrea Settle for six weeks. She wished to cease that liaison.

“You made that call but the fact is that you did leave unpleasant and frightening messages for her.

“After the event when the effects of alcohol had worn off you were regretful about this, you apologised profusely.”

McLellen was sentenced to a 12-month community order with six months’ supervision and a six-month alcohol treatment requirement.