BOLTON TUC is happy that more than 1,000 jobs will be created in the next few months as Amazon sets up its operation at the Logistics site.

We encourage all new employees to ensure that they are a member of a trade union when they start work with Amazon.

This is a firm that has not covered itself in glory with regard to pay and working conditions in the past.

Only collective bargaining conducted by accredited trade unions will ensure a stable productive workforce, and help restore to the town a pride that has been eroded for years by high unemployment.

The boost to spending across the town will be reflected a in more thriving town centre; the savings on income tax credits when decent wages are paid will help the national exchequer; and when Amazon starts paying its company taxes, there will be great rejoicing in Bolton and beyond.

Bolton TUC welcomes inquiries from anyone seeking advice on trade union matters.

Tom Hanley

Bolton TUC

Wood Street