AS we look out of our windows at ice, snow and rain we can’t help but worry about the many people who do not have home of their own, especially those who are sleeping on our streets.

It is shocking that we have a 60 per cent increase of families in temporary accommodation since 2010 with more than 80 children in Bolton who will be homeless at Christmas.

It is heartbreaking that there are at least 40 people regularly sleeping on our street.

I’m really proud that Labour’s Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, is determined to solve the crisis of rough sleeping, but until this Tory Government tackles the dire shortage of affordable houses to rent or buy, the scourge of insecure work and the cuts to support services, more and more people will end up with nowhere to call home.

Warm words are not enough.

Chris Green and his Tory Government need to take urgent action because austerity is not working.

We have low growth and falling wages and no answers from the Tory Government — apart from the Chancellor blaming too many disabled people in the work force for our low productivity!

It’s time for them to go.

Julie Hilling

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