WHY oh why is my tax (low though it may be) being used to send our young men to a country that keeps killing them? I did not agree to this and would like to speak to the people who have agreed to it.

The “people in charge” are very good at deciding what is good for this country but, believe me, there is no one that I know who agrees to these young men — fathers and husbands — being killed by people from another country. Can we please remember that we are a small island and not a continent. Another question — which of these countries would help us if we were in difficulties?

My extended family struggles to survive in this country, due to the payment of tax every year, and I have not heard any of them agreeing to our young men going to another country to get injured, or worse. I need an explanation as to why our “monies” are used this way.

I know we have to help underprivileged countries and people who are worse off than us, but please not at the expense of our young men. A clear explanation please!

B Greenwood Bromley Cross