IF ever a woman had to hold her temper in check on a regular basis it’s Alex Polizzi.

Since 2008, she has been the star turn on popular TV series The Hotel Inspector and is back on our screens in a new series.

She happens to know what she’s talking about: she’s a member of the famous Forte catering family, had lengthy and distinguished hotel training in some of the UK’s most famous establishments and runs a Devon hotel owned by her mother.

Her telly job nowadays is to try to help unsuccessful hoteliers turn their business around. Mind you, to listen to some of them whinge, you’d think they hadn’t called her on her services in desperation because they often fight her all the way.

While Alex makes absolutely solid business sense and relentlessly tries to pass on good practice, the hoteliers insist on sticking to bad habits.

Grrrr! Not sure about her, but most of the time I want to wipe the supercilious grins off their faces myself.