HOW not surprising to hear the comments from Labour’s Cllr Nick Peel regarding the illegal smoking of tobacco in Shisha bars in Bolton (‘Shisha smokers need educating over law’, December 1).

This was because another councillor, Bob Allen had the audacity to challenge and comment on the usually Labour-controlled council’s inaction in enforcing the law of this land when the law is being broken.

Cllr Allen’s comments were right on the button and it is a fact that pubs and other places have to play by the rules regarding this issue or be fined very heavily or even have the landlord jailed. Cllr Peel, it seems, is more concerned that we respect the cultural aspect of this illegal activity and let it continue while also using the usual Labour cries of witch-hunt or the racist card when a perfectly resonable question is asked.

It’s not to dissimilar to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s comment of bigot to the Rochdale lady who had the courage to to say what she felt.

If he is interested in people’s cultural ways, Cllr Peel should have a look at our’s perhaps, as we haven’t got a lot left thanks to do-good politicians.

Just for the record, tobacco was taken to Asia and the Middle East by the British 400 years ago so, culture-wise, we have been drinking and smoking in pubs long before then and I never ever heard any cries of witch-hunt or “it’s our culture” from Cllr Peel when it affected our culture.

I also feel Bolton Council could be guilty of not stopping a illegal act being committed, having failed to report it to the correct authorites. Please change the record, Cllr Peel, its got boring. The elephant is in the room and not before time.

Thomas Ryder Halliwell