I HAVE watched, listened to and read of the issues raised by the Leveson Inquiry into the press.

Let us hope the new regulator is independent and strong, yet allows the press to do its vital work.

We need a free press, which knows when and when not to delve. Nor should the press get too close to powerful bodies, whether industrialists or political leaders. Witness the sickening spectacle of Blair, Brown and Cameron hot-footing it to Rupert Murdoch’s sweaty arms.

I am sure The Bolton News keeps a useful distance from the leaders of Bolton Council, especially as future cuts will hit vulnerable Boltonians. It is just as important for the general public to examine its own part in the nasty affair.

The tabloids would never have spent time, money and energy treating people like dirt without there being a market for the results of their vile sleuthing.

How many Sun or News of the World readers eagerly paid to soak up the poisonous tit-bits and celebrity dross dredgings?

If there hadn’t been a market, these newspapers would not want to go to these extremes. Here’s to a free, honest, brave and independent press.

David Sharples Tarbet Drive Breightmet